OneNote Class Notebook

Microsoft Class teams can have a OneNote notebook set up. This is a place for the teacher or tutor to share pages of notes. A Class Notebook also has an area for students to make shared notes with classmates and private sections for each student to keep their own notes. These different areas are called section groups, each has different permissions that control what a student can and can’t do in each:

  • The Content Library is where the tutor share pages for students to reference, but not to edits or new pages.
  • The Collaboration section is where students can make shared notes including working on the same page simultaneously.
  • Student sections is for each student to keep note visible only to them and the tutor. Teachers can distribute or assign pages to each student’s private section.

Pages are freeform and can contain different content types, combining text, images, web links, embedded documents, audio recording, inking and online video.