Microsoft Teams Meetings – Other Features


The Reactions feature in a Microsoft Teams Meeting allows you to react, signalling you like. Love or applaud what is being covered. There is also a hands up button to show the meeting presenter you would like to make a contribution and to unmuted if necessary. To the right of the reaction button is the meeting conversation, a shared chat that can be used to share questions, replies, weblinks and more. Conversations are saved so you can see them once the meeting if finished.

The three dots in the meeting toolbar have useful options

Views and Backgrounds

Going to the three dots in the meeting toolbar gives options including views and backgrounds. A Microsoft teams meeting will show people in gallery mode – this shows up to nine people in a grid. When you are in a meeting with a large group you may like to use the large gallery to allow up to 49 people to be visible in a seven by seven grid. You can also turn on Together mode which puts those in the meeting with an auditorium background. The three dots also allows you to blur or present a virtual background to give you an those at home some privacy while joining the meeting with your camera turned on.