Edge Web Browser

Edge is the Microsoft browser, available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. It is built on Chromium so has a similar feel to Google Chrome but has some great features to support remote or hybrid learning.

Read aloud and Immersive Reader

Read aloud will read a webpage. Highlight the passage you are interested in, right click and select Read aloud selection.It is also possible to have a webpage read using Immersive reader. When you are on a website in Edge and the book icon is visible in the address bar you can click it to open the page in Immersive reader to have it read, translated or viewed with a text size you choose.


Collections is a way to collect information from the internet, curate web pages into Collections fro the subjects you are studying. Collections lets you copy text, images and links and then create into a collection which can be used for later reference. You can create multiple collections in Edge.