Students Guide To Remote and Hybrid Learning

What is Remote and Hybrid Learning

Welcome to this student guide to Hybrid and Remote learning. We will explore how Office 365 apps, such as Microsoft Teams, can support you learn wherever you find yourself: communicating with tutors and classmates, accessing material and submitting work in assignments or as posted messages. Remote learning is when tutors and students all work from home. Coming togehter at the same time in online meetings for Synchronous Learning, and catching up on work through asynchronous learning where we reply to messages and leave work for one another to look at. You may also have heard the phrase hybrid learning, which is where some people attend college and others have to work from home.

When finding yourself learning in a remote, hybrid, synchronous or asynchronous way there are tools in Office 365 that can help. This course aims to help you know the apps available and how to use them.

Remote and Hybrid Learning with Microsoft Teams