Module 3 – Applications of A.I.


SLIDE 5 (Some A.I. games):

Have students try 20 questions and Akinator. Both are good examples of games that exploit artificial intelligent algorithms.

• 20 Questions:
• Akinator:

Whilst it’s not exactly known how Akinator and 20 questions work (both are closely guarded secrets), it is most likely that they both employ a rules-based “fixed intelligence” approach which follows a definite series of rules and instructions. A fixed intelligence approach can be best described using a decision tree.

What makes Akinator so special? Akinator differs slightly from other rule-based approaches by using an A.I. algorithm that learns the best questions to ask through its experience with players.

SLIDE 10 (Chatbots):

• Clever Bot – 
• Eliza –

Have students try out some of the chatbots (above) and note down any unusual or unexpected answers!

Things to consider:
• What is the purpose of the chatbot?
• How was the interaction with the chatbot like?
• Does it feel like you are talking to a robot or a human? Why do you think so?
• Does it feel like the chatbot has a certain personality?


An example of Natural Language Processing (NLP):

SLIDE 21 (Text Analytics):

A demo showing how A.I. text analytics works:

SLIDE 22 (Sentiment Analysis):

An example showing how sentiment analysis works:   

SLIDE 24 (Computer Vision):

An demo showing how Computer Vision works: 

SLIDE 28 (Video Indexer):

A demo explaining how an A.I. video indexer works:


SLIDE 16 (Lil Miquela):

Lil Miquela isn’t real — at least not like you and me. She is an avatar puppeteered by Brud, an L.A.-based start-up, who specialise in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Lil Miquela announces to the world that she is a robot:

SLIDE 29 (Seeing AI App):

An app which demonstrates a wide range of AI technologies, such as NLP and Computer Vision, is the Seeing AI app.

Try it out:

Video with captions available here:

SLIDE 39 (AI neural Text to Speech):

A glimpse of what is already possible using A.I. neural Text to Speech and HoloLens.