Lesson 5 – Feedback, Critique and Assessment

In an instructional model of learning the dominant activity is teacher working with whole class. The opportunity for providing individualised support is very limited. Engaging with a project development cycle is much more demanding of the teacher. In this final presentation we examine ways of managing dynamic feedback, intervention and assessment, before concluding with pointers to places where you can find more help or project examples.


  1. What implications does emphasis on group tutoring have for the organisation of students and furniture in you learning space?
  2. Where in the project development cycle would particular review tools be most useful?
  3. How would you best use a platform such as Microsoft O365, Google Workspace or learning platform/VLE to facilitate project-based learning?
  4. How would you use rubrics to assess both the process of doing the project and the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that are evident on conclusion?
  5. Apart from the demonstration of the robot playing basketball what other evidence would you use to assess student achievement?