Lesson 4 – The Difference bewteen PBL and Projects

Projects are a well established part of our teaching and learning repertoire. We can probably all remember doing a project when we were at school. Some subjects lend themselves naturally to a high level of project work. However, doing a project is not project-based learning. PBLWorks presents the difference: a project is just the dessert on the menu whilst PBL includes the starters and main course…….


  • Does the project work that you have experienced, or do with your students, meet the criteria for it to be called PBL?
  • What do you think is the most significant differentiating factor?
  • Do you think that the remodelling of the ‘House for the Future Project’ fully addresses transition from a project to PBL?
  • Can you think of a project that you have presented to your students? Try modelling it as a project and a PBL activity in the same way.