Lesson 4 – Plan, Track and Evaluate

Once you have shaped the start and endpoints of the PBL activity you need to plan for delivery. This is labour intensive first time round but once established you will have a sustainable pedagogy in place. In this session we look at: the key planning questions; how to structure the unit of study to accomodate the PBL approach and how ICT can support both the process and learning. Once you have your plan in place, assess it against the 21CLD dimensions to map its contribution to skills development.


  1. Do you know whether your students have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the project? How would you mitigate the risk by putting that knowledge and skills in place or providing differentiated support?
  2. What types of ‘high energy’ teaching activities would capture student interest in the stimulus phase?
  3. How would you organise your class to maximise opportunity for refection and feedback as students complete the project?
  4. Are you making best use of ICT and Education Technology (EdTech) to support student led learning?

Exemplar Project Plan – AI and the Future of Crime

An example project plan is presented here. AI and the Future of Crime is a seven week project that gets students to work in teams to consider different AI technologies and how they might impact on the policing of crime, accidents and emergencies. Students develop a presentation to police representatives with the purpose of advising on future AI training on police courses. The plan uses a version of the template that is available from PBLWorks.