Lesson 3 – The Key Principles of PBL

Much of the current thinking on project-based learning is articualted by the Buck Institute of Education through the web site https://www.pblworks.org/. In this lesson we look justification for, an design principles of, project-based learning as presented by the Buuck Institute and PBLWorks. This is set against the six dimensions of 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) which is the approach promoted by Microsoft through a free course in the Microsoft Educator Center.


  1. Does the rationale for adopting project-based learning resonate with you?
  2. Of the seven design elements, which feature regularly in your lessons?
  3. Does your teaching and learning approach contribute to the six dimensions of 21CLD?
  4. Does the approach to project-based learning as presented by PBLWorks obviously develop all of the 21st century learning skills?