Lesson 3 – Authenticity

21CLD suggests that real world problem solving and innovation is an essential skill for 21st century learners to develop. It sits at the heart of project-based learning. You can use the 21CLD rubrics and decision trees to assess the contribution that your lessons and projects make to this and the other dimensions. You need to map your curriculum against issues that will engage students. One way of developing ‘authenticity’ is to use employers, business and community partners to help set ‘real-world’ challenges for your students.


  1. Do you think that using the rubric would help identify where in the curriculum, and to what extent, you are developing 21st century learning skills?
  2. What global, national and local issues do you think most concern your students?
  3. Can you identify partners who might be amenable to helping you to set ‘real-world’ challenges for your students?
  4. Do you think that this would be harder or easier to achieve as students get older?